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Canadian Blood Services operates central storage locations throughout Canada.  These facilities can present a unique flooring challenge, especially in the cooler areas where moisture can permeate the concrete slab or below grade slabs. Moisture can cause flooring systems, installed over concrete, to fail.  Stonhard was called upon to install an appropriate seamless flooring system in a blood storage location in Ontario.

Material selection is the most important general form of corrosion prevention. Choosing the correct material based on the environment decreases the amount of corrosion and lengthens the span of the equipment. 

Floor, ceiling, wall and foundation cracks can lead to major safety issues and property damage if not kept in check. Finding time to repair facilities that can operate 24/7, often with multiple temperature zones, can be a daunting task and requires innovative solutions.  

Stonhard takes pride in choosing the right system for the right environment.  Check out our latest interactive PDF that walks you through the different areas of an automotive dealership while offering recommendations for each environment.

Carboline to the rescue!  Challenges were presented with this project in determining a coating system that would accommodate the excessive moisture and humidity in the environment.  The tunnel is located in a vertical shaft and is directly under a pool and waterfall that allows water to run through the rocks and seep directly onto the steel liner.  A coating system was required that would be moisture tolerant and curable in cold temperature.



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