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Black & McDonald required a high strength and fast cure grouting solution for the “base can” of the Vestas V100 turbines being installed on this Scotian Windfields ComFit Community Windfarm Project. 

Healthcare facilities need a cost-effective way of protecting walls to handle the day-to-day abuse that occurs and create sanitary environments.

Learn about 3 common flooring substrate preparations and why they are important in ensuring a successful seamless epoxy flooring installation.

Elves, just like presents under the Christmas tree, come in all shapes and sizes. To ensure his happy helpers can comfortably make all of those little toy trains and little toy tracks, Santa relies on Safe-T-Stand® work station platforms from Fibergrate. 

Christmas magic is nothing new! There is a little extra sparkle everywhere you look during the holiday season. From the glistening tinsel on the trees, to twinkling pixie lights, this is the time of year where all things “glitter and gold” are truly in their element.  We embrace the sparkling displays that only the holiday season can bring. 



Automotive  /  5
Education  /  11
Healthcare  /  5
Hospitality  /  1
Marine  /  0
OEM  /  1
Oil and Gas  /  2
Power  /  6
Recreation  /  6
Retail  /  0
Technology  /  0


January 2018  /  2