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Seamless floors are inherently cleaner as there are no joints and cracks to trap dirt and bacteria.  For added assurance, how do you maintain the high performance benefits of a seamless epoxy floor and meet stringent hygiene and sanitary requirements? Read more...

At Stonhard, we take full responsibility for customer satisfaction, from raw materials to installed systems. How will our Single Source system benefit your next flooring project?

Slips and trips are a major cause of injury. Increasing traction on your stairs and landing is one way you can help reduce the risk of slip and fall incidents.  If your facility is faced with the safety problem of slippery steps, click to read more!

The Back To School season is a time of fresh starts, getting into new routines and keeping to a schedule.  Gone are the lazy days of summer and with this “New Year” feeling upon us, we thought we’d share our 3 tips to help keep your next flooring project on schedule! 

The customer experience at an automotive dealership extends beyond the vehicle selection and purchase process.  Every time a customer visits your location for an appointment, maintenance and repair work, the aesthetics of your customer lounge matters! 



Automotive  /  5
Education  /  11
Healthcare  /  5
Hospitality  /  1
Marine  /  0
OEM  /  1
Oil and Gas  /  2
Power  /  6
Recreation  /  7
Retail  /  0
Technology  /  0


April 2018  /  1
January 2018  /  2