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As a customer approaches your business, first impressions are formed.  It is difficult to change these impressions once they are made.  Does your building’s entry area reflect a welcoming and professional environment?  Check out 3 key considerations for Auto Dealership entry areas.

The customer experience at an automotive dealership extends beyond the vehicle selection and purchase process.  Every time a customer visits your location for an appointment, maintenance and repair work, the aesthetics of your customer lounge matters! 

The flooring systems found in automotive service departments require a careful mix of performance and good looks.  Regularly exposed to grease, oil and corrosive liquids, as well as impact and high traffic, this area also needs to maintain a high degree of visual appeal. 

Stonhard takes pride in choosing the right system for the right environment.  Check out our latest interactive PDF that walks you through the different areas of an automotive dealership while offering recommendations for each environment.

When a high-end dealership wanted a delivery area that would stop customers in their tracks, Liquid Elements was the only choice! Read more...



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