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Creating tile-like surfaces to protect walls and ceilings!  Sanitile delivers outstanding protection against chemicals and abrasion in a number of environments, including healthcare.  Find out why Sanitile is being used in some of the toughest conditions.

Level floors are vital to health care facility operations.  Sub floor irregularities can cause problems with the levellness of the floor, resulting in complications with the overall performance of the floor and its intended use.

Facility managers and administrators face a number of challenges creating and maintaining healthcare environments.  Durability, safety and ease of maintenance are essential requirements in day-to-day wellness operations.  Often, timing is also a top priority and systems that can be installed without affecting maintenance schedules or interfering with patient care are vital.

Canadian Blood Services operates central storage locations throughout Canada.  These facilities can present a unique flooring challenge, especially in the cooler areas where moisture can permeate the concrete slab or below grade slabs. Moisture can cause flooring systems, installed over concrete, to fail.  Stonhard was called upon to install an appropriate seamless flooring system in a blood storage location in Ontario.

Healthcare facilities need a cost-effective way of protecting walls to handle the day-to-day abuse that occurs and create sanitary environments.



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