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The Royal Glenora Club, located in the heart of Edmonton’s River Valley, is a premiere sport and social club, which originally opened in 1961.  Members enjoy a wide range of activities at this facility, including swimming, skating, fitness, badminton, tennis and more!

As the weather cools down and we start spending more time indoors, have you noticed that your hallways and entrances could use a makeover?  Check out a unique alternative to poured in place terrazzo in this Community Centre Project Profile!

The aluminum grating in the entrance way of an Ontario recreational facility was damaged and creating a trip hazard.  The facility required a new grating solution that would provide slip resistance and withstand corrosion while allowing the drainage of water, snow, salt and sand into the concrete pan below.

Think of a recreation complex. Now consider the different areas, variety of uses and unique spaces that make up this type of facility.  These complexes can include: ice rinks, swimming pools, gymnasiums, fitness facilities, washrooms, locker rooms, meeting spaces, office, restaurants, food courts and more. 

Even Santa’s elves need to find ways to keep healthy and fit during the holiday season, especially when the eggnog is flowing and gingerbread cookies are in abundance.  It’s a little known fact that the elves get free memberships to the Village Recreation Centre as part of Santa’s “Elf Retention and Productivity Program”.

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