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Balconies are an extension of your living space and allow maximum enjoyment of the outdoors, especially during the warm spring and summer months.  They can be a valuable renting or selling feature when residents don’t have access to yard space.  However, balconies can also be a maintenance nightmare for property management companies due the recurring upkeep and replacement requirements caused by exposure to outdoor environmental conditions. 

Wineries have also become commercial facilities where tours can happen daily, and events such as weddings and other functions occur regularly making the aesthetics of the facility just as important as the performance features.

When we think about Parking Deck repairs and restoration, it is often the deck surface that comes to mind first.  Now consider the condition of your stairways and handrails.  Is the metal structure starting to corrode or rust?  Have the wood stairs begun to deteriorate and show age and wear? 

There has long been debate about how exactly Santa gets down the chimney.  Some suspect he climbs using a grappling hook, while others prefer to think that he uses a little magic elf dust!

Communication is a key component to ensuring a successful holiday season in the North Pole.  From tracking weather patterns and letting Santa know the safest route on his “around the world journey” to keeping the elves in constant contact with the big man in red, technology, connectivity and reliable cell coverage are vital!



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