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There are numerous components to every facility that create the building envelope, and while we have been focusing on many of the common interior areas, attention should certainly be paid to your building’s physical exterior, as well as the underground parking areas.

Healthcare facilities need a cost-effective way of protecting walls to handle the day-to-day abuse that occurs and create sanitary environments.

Elves, just like presents under the Christmas tree, come in all shapes and sizes. To ensure his happy helpers can comfortably make all of those little toy trains and little toy tracks, Santa relies on Safe-T-Stand® work station platforms from Fibergrate. 

Even though Rudolf is one popular reindeer, the rest of the crew can be forgotten during the excitement and celebrations of the holiday season.  Santa’s Reindeer are the real power that fuels his sleigh and after a long cold night of leading the charge around the world, they deserve to come home to a safe and snug stable.

Seafood and fish processing facilities must adhere to standards that ensure the quality and safety of products processed in Canada.  Read about some common facility maintenance issues and how we can address them.



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