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When the existing coating on a mechanical room floor began to fail, water penetrated the structure, damaging the underlying concrete and leaking into the parking area below.  StonCor was called upon to refurbish and repair this important condo space.

Following our turnkey approach to projects, the existing coating was removed and the damaged concrete was scarified and repaired.  Once crack treatment and patch repairs were addressed, a StonDeck membrane was applied to the entire surface.  Finally, StonDeck Finish was used to seal the waterproofing system and provide slip-resistance. 

StonDeck FD is a flexible, solvent-free polyurethane system with excellent crack bridging properties.  Designed for low traffic areas, mechanical rooms and parking stalls, this cost-effective system is ideal for both new construction and refurbishment projects.  It cosmetically enhances spaces while providing a brighter, safer environment.

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