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An Emergency Medical Service (EMS) Ambulance Station, located in Ontario, operates from a more than thirty-year-old building.  The interior walls of this facility had a loose, cracked and flaking finish caused by a build-up of multiple coats of paint. 

Surface tension resulting from various coats of paint can cause delamination.  The EMS group was concerned with the overall appearance of the station, especially the flaked and fallen paint chips scattered on the floors. 

ems_imageCarboline removed all of the loose and flaking paint by means of an SSPC SP-7 brush off abrasive blast.  This method is extremely effective in the removal of loose paint and exposes the surface of the concrete block.

Sanitile 100, a 100% acrylic block filler, was used to seal and “fill in” all of the exposed concrete block and act as a primer for all surfaces requiring the new coating.  Carbocrylic 3359 multi-purpose interior/exterior coating was used as the finish coat.  This versatile coating can be custom tinted to fit any colour scheme and offers excellent resistance to corrosion and abrasion. 

The customer was very pleased with the appearance and performance of the finished project! Carboline can provide products that meet your exacting aesthetic requirements while inherently adding value, longevity, design flexibility and corrosion protection. Visit our website for more information!



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