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The chemical processing industry is characterized by a diverse number of operations, from basic petroleum refining to the production of high purity reaction to grade chemicals and intermediates.  While the products and process vary a great deal, all plant personnel deal with similar issues: reliability, corrosion, regulations and safety.

Here are our top recommendations for specific areas within a Chemical Processing Facility (these are product recommendations only):

Bulk Storage Areas, Drum Storage, Splash/Spill Areas, Processing:

Stonclad HT
Stonchem Series 

Stonclad HT demonstrates superior chemical resistance, increased durability, and can withstand temperatures up to 200ºF/93ºC for intermittent spills.  This system cures to an extremely hard, impact resistant mortar that exhibits excellent abrasion and wear resistance and superior chemical resistance.  Stonclad UT can be used anywhere a chemical resistant epoxy mortar is required.

Stonchem Linings offer exceptional protection for ultra-corrosive environments and performs well under extreme physical conditions.  Stonchem is offered in five formulations: Series 400, 500, 600, 700, and 800.

Control Rooms, Labs, Restrooms, Cafeterias:

Stonshield Series
Stonblend Series
Stontec Series

Stonshield floors are safe, easy to clean and provide superior performance.  Ultra-slip resistant surfaces ensure protection from slips and falls and the coloured quartz broadcast systems are a cost-effective option.



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