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Most people know that proper hand washing is the first line of defense against the spread of all types of germs and viruses.  Educational facilities, due to the sheer number of people interacting in public spaces, are especially prone to the risks associated with the proliferation of germs.  Something as simple as the floor selected in a school can make a huge impact on maintaining a safe, clean and sanitary environment.

Durability, safety and ease of maintenance are essential requirements for educational facility operations. Stonhard floors are seamless, and simply put - seamless means cleaner.  With no joints or spaces to collect dirt and bacteria, and the option of an antimicrobial additive, our floors are easy to clean and can help keep germs at bay.

Ideal for classrooms, washrooms, locker rooms, hallways, kitchens and cafeterias, Stonhard ensures that each floor is installed to meet our rigorous standards.  In addition to the sanitary benefits of a Stonhard floor, preventing slips and falls are also a key priority.  Our floors can prevent accidents from happening and can help keep students, faculty, and visitors safe – even when it’s wet or muddy.

For us, safe, clean and durable floors are just the beginning.  Our systems also provide exceptional value and low life-cycle costs – all in an endless variety of colours, styles and textures.   Stonhard offers a distinct change from the institutional look of the past.

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