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If you think Santa’s Elves are born toy and treat makers with an innate ability to make all they touch merry and bright, you’d be wrong!  Training and a proper education are essential for “Elf Development” and rising through the ranks at Santa’s Workshop.  

The Elf Academy provides a vital training ground where a range of essential elf skills are taught, including toy mechanics, naughty and nice list compilation, hot cocoa temperature requirements, and proper ginger to cinnamon baking ratios.


When this spirited school needed a flooring makeover, Santa did his homework and decided that a Fritztile floor would earn an A+ grade.  This unique flexible terrazzo tile has a 50 year history and offers a variety of options with an emphasis on beauty and durability.  Fritztile is an affordable alternative to traditional poured in place terrazzo and other hard surface flooring.  It is a perfect solution for high-traffic areas where longevity and low maintenance requirements are demanded.

When the elves really need to get down to Christmas business, the outstanding acoustical ratings offered by Fritztile allow them to concentrate without distractions.  Fritztile was tested for acoustical values and boasted scores higher than many of the most common “quiet” flooring options.  When tested in accordance with ASTM-E 492-90, which covers the laboratory measurement of impact sound transmission of floor-ceiling assemblies using a standardized tapping machine, Fritztile received a remarkable 54 dB rating.  These results ranked Fritztile with a higher score than recycled rubber flooring and the same rating as half inch homogenous cork flooring.

Fritztile’s impact insulation was also tested, according to ASTM E490-02, which covers the laboratory measurement of airborne sound transmission loss of building partitions such as walls of all kinds, operable partitions, floor-ceiling assemblies, doors, windows, roofs, panels, and other space-dividing elements. Fritztile received a rating of 43 dB, significantly outscoring both recycled rubber and cork/rubber flooring.

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Healthcare  /  5
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Marine  /  0
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Power  /  6
Recreation  /  7
Retail  /  0
Technology  /  0


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