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Slips and trips are a major cause of injury. Increasing traction on your stairs and landing is one way you can help reduce the risk of slip and fall incidents.  If your facility is faced with the safety problem of slippery steps, consider the variety of slip resistant offerings from Fibergrate.

Suitable for maintenance or new construction stairways, stair tread covers are a convenient way to provide solid, slip resistant footing for existing wood, concrete or metal steps. 

Stair Tread Covers

FRP stair tread covers are manufactured with an integral aluminum grit-top surface and a highly visible yellow nosing, ensuring safety and durability of your stairs.  These low maintenance, corrosion and slip resistant stair tread covers can be ordered with a special photo luminescent glow-in-the-dark nosing for an added measure of safety for nighttime operation.

Styled after the look of a traditional concrete tread, Fibergrate’s covered stair treads offer a lightweight, corrosion resistant replacement to its unsightly concrete forerunner.

Covered Stair Tread

Weighing less than 20 percent of the concrete step, covered stair treads have a variable grip top surface for slip resistance suitable even for barefoot traffic.  The colour of the tread is molded into the panel so it never needs painting, making maintenance minimal.  It can also withstand the corrosive conditions created by salt, continuous moisture and constant cleaning. 

For an efficient solution to custom fitting treads into stairways, Fibertread stair treads feature a unique cutting channels, spaced at 6” intervals.  These channels also ensure that all standard stair tread widths have closed ends. The gritted strip, molded-in on both sides of the panel, provides superior slip resistance.


Where wider support spans are required, the slip resistant and non-conductive Safe-T-Span pultruded stair treads offer a high level of safety, strength and corrosion resistance.  This low maintenance, high strength-to-weight ratio stair tread option is available in 1”, 1-1/2” and 2” depths. 


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