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The Back To School season is a time of fresh starts, getting into new routines and keeping to a schedule.  Gone are the lazy days of summer and with this “New Year” feeling upon us, we thought we’d share our 3 tips to help keep your next flooring project on schedule! 

1. Leverage Turnkey Solutions

To maximize efficiency, select a flooring company that provides one trade from start to finish.  This will ensure that there are no coordination issues, and communication becomes seamless. From design specification to project management, to the final walk through, Stonhard is your single source and will ensure you are satisfied with all aspects of your project. 

A turnkey approach means that you will receive high quality products and installations consistently.  Our support network of Territory Managers, Technical Service Team, and Project Managers assure quality control and integrated and flexible scheduling for your project.  Finally, should you need us down the line, your Territory Manager and Installation Team are local and there when you need them.

2. Proper Product Selection

Specifying the right product for the right environment is vital for project success.  Knowing the conditions of your facility and matching that with your flooring performance requirements will ensure you have selected a system suited to deal with your specific challenges.

At Stonhard, we not only have the capability of formulating our own products, we manufacture the materials as well.  This allows us to carefully control and tailor the properties of each project to meet the specific needs of our customers.  Punishing chemical assault, unremitting abrasion and impact, wet conditions, thermal shock – our proven performance systems are designed for the toughest environments.

3. Use Technology To Your Advantage

When timelines are under pressure due to unforeseen construction delays, technology comes to the rescue!  We are in the unique position to offer a variety of seamless flooring systems that can be installed quickly to reduce downtime for renovation projects and save critical path time on new construction projects. 

Our Xpress line-up offers 3 formulations to service a variety of conditions, from heavy-duty to commercial environments and can be ready for use just hours after application. However, speed isn’t the only feature, our Xpress floors provide all of the same high performance characteristics our Stonhard floors are known for.

For multiple smaller areas, Stonshield QBT is textured for safety and can be installed with a quick turnaround.  This decorative system provides superior impact resistance and can be applied over rough substrates.

For more details on any of these products, and to learn more about how Stonhard can help keep your next flooring project on schedule, visit our website!



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