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A public elementary school was undergoing a renovation project and required a durable wall system to replace the existing coating. Due to the high traffic environment found in schools, the wall system needed to offer outstanding protection and also provide an attractive look.


Typically, school walls have the traditional “painted wall” look, however this project called for something with a more decorative finish.

The Stonhard Team recommended Stonglaze VSF for this project. Stonglaze VSF is a decorative wall system that incorporates flakes in a high performance clear topcoat for use in commercial and industrial applications. It is specifically designed to enhance the aesthetics of existing painted wall surfaces with an architectural component.


Ideal for renovating schools with painted block walls, Stonglaze VSF provides a unique visual option that breaks away from the traditional painted look and can be installed quickly to minimize downtime and quickly meet tight schedules. To learn more about Stonglaze Wall Systems, and Stonhard’s full line of seamless, high performance flooring solutions, visit us at




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