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Brewing is one of Canada’s oldest industries and craft brewing is a side of the beer industry that is more popular than ever.  Craft brewing facilities can range in scale from extremely small operations to massive production, tasting and retail spaces.

As part of the overall food and beverage market, craft breweries are required to follow stringent sanitary, safety and quality regulations.  The processes involved in beer production can create a variety of corrosion and safety challenges, and superior flooring performance is necessary.  

The brew deck is where the production process happens and can house multiple fermenters, chemical storage tanks, the water and gas main lines, and barrel storage.  For this specific area, we recommend a hygienic, slip resistance flooring surface that can withstand harsh chemical spills, thermal shock and cycling and frequent cleaning.

Stonclad UT is a tough, chemical, abrasion and slip resistant flooring system that is easily cleaned and maintained.  It can withstand extreme temperatures and because it is seamless, without joints or seams like other flooring systems, it inhibits bacteria growth making it an extremely hygienic flooring solution.

The Stonclad series of floors provide extraordinary performance under the most demanding conditions.  Specialized configurations meet the needs of temperature dependent environments while offering safety, durability and longevity. 

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