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Not only is Mrs. Claus’ kitchen known for being “Christmas Cookie Central”, she’s also kept busy entertaining with holiday dinner parties all season long.  The one thing that would surely land Mrs. Claus on the naughty list is an unsanitary kitchen.  So, in addition to a number of festive season cleaning tricks, she also uses Sanitile wall coatings in her kitchen.

Mrs. Claus knows that pouring table salt on red wine spills will quickly remove the stain from carpets, and she also knows that Sanitile wall coatings have a long history in a variety of applications requiring long-lasting performance.  

Food preparation areas must tackle some basic issues: sanitation, safety and facility longevity.  Demonstrating high chemical, abrasion and humidity resistance in heavy duty exposures, Sanitile wall coatings systems provide a level of protection and quality unsurpassed by any paint product on the commercial market.  For over six decades, customers have specified Sanitile with confidence. 

tenth_dayIn order to ensure this high performance wall coating matches The Claus’ holiday home décor, almost all of the Sanitile finishes are available in RTS (Rapid Tint Service) and several are available in two gloss levels, semi and high gloss.

Available in a range of formulations for a variety of substrates and performance requirements, Sanitile is a smart choice for any commercial kitchen or food preparation area.

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