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Cleaning and disinfection are obvious priorities in infection prevention within healthcare facilities.  The Sanitile line of products are designed to deliver outstanding protection against the aggressive attack of chemicals and cleaning agents found in many of today’s environments. 

Waiting Room

From hospital waiting rooms, hallways and operating areas to long-term care suites, Sanitile provides a level of performance unsurpassed by any paint product on the market.

Sanitile coating products and wall systems have a long history in a variety of applications requiring long-lasting performance.  Some advantages include:

  • Low odour
  • Excellent yellowing resistance
  • Satin, semi and high gloss finishes
  • Tintable to match custom colours
  • Low VOC
  • Quick drying
  • User friendly
  • Outstanding colour retention 

Hospital Hallway

While there is no “one coating that does it all”, Sanitile is built around a systems approach and choices are simplified to match the substrate with environmental needs. 

Sanitile 100 and 200 series products are designed for light to moderate duty service, while Sanitile 500, 600, 700, and 800 series are designed for heavy-duty service.  All products are easily applied and provide a great-looking appearance. When specified properly, they will provide long service life for the anticipated environment. 

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