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Metals and mining facilities utilize processes that create aggressive conditions, which can quickly lead to corrosion control challenges.  Upon closer inspection, many facilities show visible signs of damage caused by the unique environmental conditions, which can include slippery walkways and rusting/corroded metal.

Rusted metal and slippery wood can be replaced with slip resistant, corrosion resistant FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastic) products. The highly corrosive chemicals associated with processing and finishing metals can wreak havoc on metal, concrete and wood creating dangerous conditions on walking and working surfaces.

Fibergrate FRP products have proven their value in the harshest conditions.  Fibergrate uses premium resin systems and interwoven fiberglass strands for optimum corrosion resistance and strength.  FRP grating is so resistant to chemicals, it has been used as a submerged “basket” to retrieve parts from dipping tanks. 

FRP Features for the Metals and Mining Industry:

Corrosion Resistance
More than 15 premium grade resin systems available to meet your specific needs.  This unmatched protection ensures the product withstands saltwater, chlorine, cleaning solutions and wet weather conditions.

Slip Resistance
More than 42,000 workers are injured annually from fall accidents, according to the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety.  Fibergrate grating, covered grating, stair treads, covered stair treads, stair tread covers and floor plate feature a long-lasting, slip resistant surface. Even after years of abuse, FRP products provide significantly higher slip resistance than metal, wood or concrete floors.

Low Maintenance
Corrosion resistant with colour molded into product, therefore requires no scraping, sandblasting or painting to maintain its visually pleasing appearance.

High Strength-To-Weight Ratio
One-third the weight of steel, FRP grating allows for easy installation with no heavy equipment and less manpower, and effortless removal for access below floor level.

Electrically and Thermally Nonconductive
All FRP construction increases worker safety and minimizes heat buildup creating a cooler, more comfortable walking surface.

UV Resistant
Fibergrate’s FRP gratings are formulated for maximum UV resistance on handrail and ladder systems and structural shapes.

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