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With hundreds of thousands of gallons of water being used to create cracks and crevices to remove oil and gas from shale, the chance for ancillary spills at a product site is quite high. 

Spills can result in fines, or the possibility of having a site shut down, costing hundreds of thousands of dollars a day in lost production. To protect against spills and groundwater contamination, companies are covering their sites with thin plastic sheets or small spill trays.  When the plastic tears, it must be replaced...that is if the rip is detected.  Once the project is completed, this liner is then removed and disposed of.  The folds in the plastic or loose small spill trays are also a slip hazard.


This is where Fibergrate containment pans can provide a cost-effective and safe solution which best meets environmental requirements.  We can provide a reusable, 8’4” by 24’4” fiberglass pan complete with four 4 by 12 foot gratings (1 1/2-inch thick) fit inside the 2 1/2-inch tall pan.  Spills flow into the grating pan, where it is contained and can be pumped out.  Unlike thin sheet plastic, the containment pan’s flat surface eliminates puddling and runoff.


Standard grating is available in 1 1/2-inch thick, 1 1/2-inch square mesh, and an HLC (high load capacity) grating option is also available for more severe environments in 4' x 8' sheets.  For installations where containment pans are abutted to each other, they can be connected with hat-shaped HDPE caps for containment integrity.  A 45,000 sq. ft. containment system would take about a day to install using forklifts.  When not in use, pans and grating can be stacked for storage and/or easily moved to another location.


  • Fracking operations
  • Construction site spill containment
  • Planned turnaround maintenance
  • Temporary lay down yards
  • Fuel transfer sites
  • Chemical storage areas


  • Dependable spill containment
  • Re-usable and portable
  • Non-conductive
  • Fire retardant
  • Chemical resistant
  • UV resistant
  • Excellent load bearing capabilities
  • Outstanding slip resistance for worker safety

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