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Even Santa’s elves need to find ways to keep healthy and fit during the holiday season, especially when the eggnog is flowing and gingerbread cookies are in abundance.  It’s a little known fact that the elves get free memberships to the Village Recreation Centre as part of Santa’s “Elf Retention and Productivity Program”.

Santa designed the Village Recreation Centre to include activities for all elf abilities and features an Olympic sized pool and regulation indoor ice rink, in addition to basketball and squash courts, and a state-of-the-art craft room.  Stonhard was proud to assist with a number of solutions within this facility.

Recreation facilities require a mix of aesthetics, performance and safety features built into their floor and wall systems.  Pool decks, for example, should be slip resistant, easy to clean, and look great.  Stonshield HRI was installed in this area providing an attractive, safe surface that maximizes slip resistance on wet surfaces, minimizing injuries and reducing liabilities.  This seamless pool deck has no joints to trap dirt and bacteria offering a sanitary and easy to clean surface.


When it comes to the locker rooms it is also important for the space to be easy to clean and maintain and also visually appealing.  Stonshield HRI flooring was utilized in this area, as it is a seamless, hygienic and slip resistant alternative to grouted quarry tile and its signature quartz aggregate broadcast provides a rich range of colours and tweed blends.

While it is well know for high performance flooring systems, Stonhard also has an impressive line up of wall coating systems designed to resist bacterial growth and foster a sterile environment.  Stonglaze walls bring damaged, worn walls back to life with a fluid and level new look.  Offered in a wide palette of colours and textures including flake systems and custom colours, it also addresses the need for pleasing aesthetics.

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