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The Calgary Airport Authority has acquired new Glycol Vessels for use as storage tanks. These vessels contain glycol fluids used in the deicing of planes. 

The new vessels required a protective coating to help provide a barrier against the glycol solution contained inside. The exterior of the vessel needed a barrier to protect against the elements (ie: sun, wind, snow and other forms of extreme weather). 



Carboline was able to provide a solution that offered the protection and value the Calgary Airport Authority was looking for, for both the interior and exterior coatings.

Phenoline Tank Shield was provided as the interior protection epoxy coating. This coating was designed for use in chemical and other commodity storage. The unique blend of resins and curing agents allow it to handle exposures typically seen in the oil and gas industries; crude oils and fuels including ethanol. A one coat system allowed the vessels to be back in service faster than the conventional two coat systems. These qualities made Phenoline Tank Shield the best choice for this application. 


To provide an exterior protection barrier Carbozinc 859, a low VOC organic zinc epoxy steel primer, was applied. Next, Carboguard 893 was applied. This high solids corrosion resistant coating can be top coated with a variety of high performance finish coats. For this project, Carbothane 8845 was used because of its outstanding hardness, adhesion and resistance to: impact, marring, abrasion, chemicals and staining. The combination of these three Carboline products created the perfect barrier to protect against outdoor elements.

Carboline is a global leader in protective coatings and linings from corrosion, abrasion, erosion, physical abuse and weather. Their dedication to high performance, technological improvements and first class service is why Carboline is chosen time and again for all coating and lining needs. 

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