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The Polar Express, a beloved symbol of Christmas spirit and hope, requires high performance protection to keep delivering joy and the ability to “believe” during the holiday season.

In order to keep the Polar Express running smoothly for years to come, it needs some pretty serious coating protection.  The holiday train should first have its exterior prepped to an SSPC-SP10 standard to maximize the benefits and performance of the selected coating.

We recommend a surface-tolerant epoxy mastic coating designed for cold weather curing, like Carbomastic 242.  This unique coating provides excellent corrosion resistance for cold weather applications down to 0ºF.   The Polar Express should then be finished with Carboxane 2000, a premium, ultra-durable coating that provides outstanding gloss and colour retention for exterior exposures. 


When used over Carbomastic 242, Carboxane 2000 provides the barrier properties normally seen using a three-coat system (primer, epoxy intermediate with an acrylic-polyurethane finish) for most environments.  This tightly cross-linked film utilizes a UV-resistant siloxane binder resulting in a finish with outstanding barrier properties and weathering performance that far exceeds polyurethanes.

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